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Municipal & HOA/POS


BigDTree offers comprehensive tree services for municipalities and homeowners associations (HOAs)/property owner’s associations (POAs). We understand the unique needs of community landscapes and provide professional tree care solutions to enhance the beauty, safety, and overall appeal of public spaces. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we strive to create thriving and sustainable environments for residents to enjoy.


  • We understand the unique needs of community landscapes and offer tailored solutions for municipal & HOAs/POAs.
  • Our certified arborists have expertise in tree care, ensuring professional and quality services.
  • We prioritize safety, aesthetics, and long-term sustainability in all our tree services.
  • Our responsive and reliable team ensures minimal disruptions and prompt response, including emergency tree services.

Choose BigDTree for professional tree services for municipalities and HOAs/POAs. Contact us today to discuss your community’s tree care needs. Trust our expertise to create and maintain beautiful and safe landscapes for residents to enjoy.

Services Features:

Tree Maintenance and Pruning
We provide regular tree maintenance and pruning services to keep the trees in your municipality or HOA/POA well-groomed and healthy. Our certified arborists assess the trees, identifying dead or damaged branches, and selectively prune to improve aesthetics, promote proper growth, and reduce potential risks.
Tree Removal and Emergency Response
Our skilled team is equipped to handle tree removal, including hazardous trees, diseased or pest-infested trees, and those causing obstruction or safety concerns. We adhere to industry standards and employ safe and efficient techniques to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of residents and properties.
Tree Planting and Selection
We assist municipalities and HOAs/POAs in making informed decisions when it comes to tree planting and selection. Our arborists consider factors such as site conditions, desired aesthetics, and tree species' suitability to ensure the right trees are planted in the right places. We prioritize diversity, resilience, and long-term sustainability in tree selection.
Tree Health Assessments and Disease Management
Our comprehensive tree health assessments help identify potential issues before they become significant problems. We evaluate tree health, identify diseases or pest infestations, and recommend appropriate treatments. By addressing tree health proactively, we can prolong tree lifespan, preserve the beauty of community landscapes, and prevent potential hazards.

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